April 2022: Lots of media attention for our new paper
James’ new study came out in Royal Society Open today and got lots of attention from the press including The Guardian, Okdiario, La Dépêche du Midi, RTL news, and more. Check it out to see what the media (and us too of course ;)) got so excited about: Trujillo, J. P., Levinson, S. C., & Holler, J. (2022). A multi-scale investigation of the human communication system’s response to visual disruption. Royal Society Open Science, 9(4): 211489. doi:10.1098/rsos.211489.

March 2022: Congratulations to Naomi!
Naomi has won the Poster prize for the Language & Communication theme at the Donders Poster Session! The poster presents the second study of her thesis, a supercool, big corpus study on the association between social actions and visual bodily signals. Congrats, well done!!

February 2022: Alexandra has become a doctor!
Alex has successfully defended her PhD thesis, which she completed with the BAND lab and the MBIC Brain and Language group in Maastricht (under the supervision of S. Kotz, B. Jansma, M. Bonte): “Electrophysiological correlates of phonological and temporal regularities in speech processing.” Great performance, congratulations! The CoSI lab is very proud of you 🙂

Autumn 2021: Two new members in the CoAct team!
Michelle Kühn and Alexandra Emmendorfer have joined our ERC project team as research assistant and post-doc – welcome to both of you, we’re every happy to have you on board! 🙂
May 2021: Louise successfully defended her thesis: “Effects of aging and cognitive abilities on multimodal language production and comprehension in context”
On May 17th, Louise travelled back to Nijmegen all the way from Berlin and wowed us with a wonderful defense performance – Congratulations, Dr. Schubotz!! So happy that at least a small number of us were allowed to be there in person during these pandemic times.

June 2020: Thank you, George! 😉

March/April/May 2020: Lockdown
Working from home, trying to advance with coding video remotely and continuing to write. Well done everyone for adjusting so well and hanging in there! Hopefully we’ll be able to see each other face-to-face in the not too distant future.

Special respect to all the student interns joining the group afresh since the lockdown even: A very warm welcome to Guido, Pim and Austin!

At the same time, we have to say goodbye to Mojenn who had to go back to Germany due to the pandemic and thus terminate her internship with us early. Thank you for all the hard (and precise!) work, Mojenn!

February 2020: Congratulations to James on becoming Dr. Trujillo!!
On February 13th James successfully defended his thesis “The Kinematic and Neural Dynamics of Producing and Understanding Communicative Intention in Action and Gesture” (supervised by A. Ozyurek & H. Bekkering). A formidable performance, congratulations! And we’re very happy to have him as part of the ERC CoAct project team!! Drinks are on order…

February 2020: Tiziana joins the CoSI lab!
We’re very happy to have a new member to the team: Tiziana Vercillo has joined us from the well-known Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab at URMC on a prestigious Radboud Excellence Initiative Fellowship. We’re looking forward to working with you for the next two years!

December 2019: A lovely Saint Nicholas present for Linda
Linda heard that her application to the MPG Minerva Fast-track program was successful, meaning she’ll have her own research funding, and from a very prestigious source on top of that. Huge congratulations, Linda! Luckily, she’ll stay with us for the time being 😉

November 2019: Life saving info on how to order beer when it’s loud
Ever wondered how to quench your thirst quickly when facing a crowded bar? Here’s someone who’s got the answer. Watch Linda on Universiteit van Nederland here.

October 2019: Welcoming new members to the CoAct project!
The CoAct team just got bigger: a warm welcome to Marlijn ter Bekke and Naomi Nota, who will be studying for their PhDs with us over the next four years, as well as to James Trujillo, who just started as post-doc the project. We’re very happy for you to all be on board! 🙂

The CoSI lab has also grown due to many new interns who’ve joined us over recent weeks (see ‘people’ section). Welcome to you all!! We’re very happy to have you!

May 2019: A new doctor in our midst
Congratulations to Linda Drijvers (and supervisors A. Ozyurek, O.Jensen) to successfully defending her cum-laude thesis ‘On the oscillatory dynamics underlying speech-gesture integration in clear and adverse listening conditions’!

Internship opportunities in the CoSI lab academic year 2018/2019Internship opportunities overview

October 2018: Special internship opportunities for AI students (advanced Matlab and/or Python skills required): Internship opportunity on ERC project CoAct

September 2018: The Communication in Action project (CoAct) has kicked off!
In this project, funded by the European Research Council, we investigate how bodily signals are used in conversation and how they influence language understanding.
The research group currently includes Marlijn ter Bekke (Research Assistant), Josje de Valk (RA), Mareike Geiger (Student Assistant), Wieke Harmsen (SA) and Katharina Menn (SA).

July 2018: ISGS 2018 conference coming up, featuring especially fantastic plenaries this year 😉 – July 4-8

April 2018: Judith is going to give a keynote at the Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science DuCog – 27th May

November 2017: ERC Consolidator grant awarded to Judith!
The grant will fund the CoAct – Communication in Action: Towards a contextualised model of language and action processing project. This exciting new project will allow us to investigate the role of visual communicative signals in situated, face-to-face language processing, using a combination of conversational corpus data, kinect, data, experimental data and Virtual Reality. The new project will start on September 1st. Keep an eye out for the job ads! 🙂

October 2018: Paul is going to present his Virtual Reality research on visual addressee feedback behaviour at the 5th European and 8th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication taking place in Bielefeld, Germany in October.

Judith is going to speak at the Context and Reasoning in Dialogue and Other Media (CReDog) workshop in Paris – 5th December.

Judith’s talks at UCL Psychology & Language Sciences (12th June), at the Joint Action Meeting in London (25th July) and poster at the XPrag Conference in Cologne (22nd June) coming up!

New book on gesture out!
Why Gesture? How the hands function in speaking, thinking and communicating
Edited by R. Breckinridge Church, Martha W. Alibali and Spencer D. Kelly